The greatest comebacks in football

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If you want to make a great career and being always on top level in football, you must have patience, insistence and of course… nuts! There are players who managed to overcome all the difficulties and obstacles, injuries or punishments, and armed with talent and quality they came back stronger than ever…


He is often the talk of the town due to his behavior and the incidents such as the bite οn Chielini’s shoulder, action that nearly destroyed his career… He was banned with 9 months out of football, he couldn’t even train with his new team, Barcelona. However, when the punishment ended, he returned scoring like a mad…


In his best form he was being considered as one of the best defenders. Τhe diagnosis that indicated cancer shocked all the planet and many people stayed by his side encouraging him. Even this serious health problem could end his career, the French returned to the fields and won the Champions League trophy!


In 2013 the Argentinian lost one of his testicles due to cancer! Everyone on his place would care about being alive, but Jonas had a dream: to play again for Newcastle. So he did, helping his team to stay in Premier League.


He was suffered from a very painful and dangerous injury, when Reading’s player Stephen Hunt hit him on the head so strong that nearly killed him! However, few months later came back and continued playing in top level, always with a protection helmet…


He is not so famous, but his accident got well known all over the world. Playing for Mallorca in 2005, he got a very strong beat on the face and swallowed his tongue. If his partners didn’t react quickly, probably he would be dead. Arango was so strong that returned one month later and managed to be one of the best midfielders in La Liga…


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